Corporate acts

The study Biavati and Migliori, in his offices in Perugia Bastia Umbia, is responsible for all actions relating to:

  • Company 'simple
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited Liability Partenership
  • Limited liability company partnership
  • Company 'for action
  • Company 'partnership for action
  • Cooperative society

Then all acts of example having as their object:

  • The Constitution, the dissolution and transformation of companies in other social forms; Mergers of any type with one or more companies
  • Splits in one or more existing companies or to constitute
  • Transfer, even free of charge, of shares
  • Transfers, including free of charge / rent / entrust, company and / or business unit
  • Family pact
  • Trust
  • Contribution of assets in companies
  • Assignment of assets to shareholders
  • Minutes of Extraordinary General Meeting for:
    • Reconstitution of the share capital due to losses
    • statutory changes including the transfer of foreign companies in Italy
    • Increase in share capital
    • Arrangements with creditors and receivership

For more information, please contact well to Biavati notaries and Migliori in the offices of Perugia and Bastia Umbra.

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