Are all contracts with special agreements also, taking into account the capital regime of the parties, such as by way for example:

  • Trades
  • Permutations
  • Divisions
  • Donations
  • Purchase of IAP or PPC land
  • Transitions
  • Constraints destination
  • Rent to buy
  • Purchases in leasing
  • Servitude constitutions
  • Mortgage loans
  • Subrogation

As well as all acts and other things, which in any case involving urban real estate and / or land of any kind acknowledging / advising appropriate for the protection of the parties clauses The seller is obliged to give to the buyer all warranties relating to the full and exclusive ownership of the property and the absence of risks and defects; it is also required to provide during the investigation all existing notarized documents to the notary.

For more information, please contact well to Biavati notaries and Migliori in the offices of Perugia and Bastia Umbra.

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